Đánh giá chi tiết Máy lọc nước RO Waterdrop N1








Countertop RO System

Countertop reverse osmosis

Countertop RO

Countertop RO

Countertop RO

Innovative & Durable Filtration

The N1 countertop RO water filter system can effectively filter out 1000+ contaminants; the smart LED screen can display the TDS level in real time, so you can rest assured to drink water.

3:1 Pure to Drain

The countertop reverse osmosis system reduces wastage with its impressive 3:1 drain ratio and drain water recycling technology, so you won't waste much water.

Integrated Visible Tank

By the ergonomic design, the tank of the countertop ro water filter system facilitates water filling. The tank is designed to be compact, meeting water demands for a whole day. Remember to change water frequently after it runs out of water, therefore, you can always get fresh water every day.

Countertop RO

Countertop RO

Countertop RO

Simple to Replace Filters

The service life of the MRO filter for countertop water filtration can be up to 18 months. It is designed with intelligent filter life reminder. Besides, with self-service filter replacement design, the filter can be easily replaced by spinning and lifting.

Intelligent Screen Off for Power Saving

If the countertop water filtration system is not operated for 20s, the screen will be off and enter a power-saving mode, thereby reducing service power and saving electric charge.

40dB Quiet Design

Although the N1 water filter system countertop is endowed with powerful water purification capacity, it runs as quietly as 40 dB, giving you more silent use experience.


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